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Support for start-ups and new projects - from validation to management. Take advantage of our global network of experts.

New Projects and Company Startups

We love new projects and the resulting companies. We have helped over 50 firms/projects successfully launch. At Doppelplus, we serve as both business angels in the financial realm and provide general guidance on how to best initiate projects. From business planning to successful implementation.

Successful Project Execution

Most startups do not survive beyond 3 years before they go bankrupt or into liquidation. We are familiar with the common challenges and know how to successfully navigate the risky startup phase. While guarantees cannot be given, our extensive experience helps every entrepreneur. The same applies to new ideas that find their beginning through new projects.

Our Network of Specialists

Every project is unique, and the right specialists are needed in various areas. We have access to a broad, global network of specialists who provide valuable input when it comes to technical implementations and technical consulting.

Project Validation

Every new project needs to be validated. Does it make sense? How well thought out is it? What is the risk-reward ratio? We often examine new projects and can contribute external insights to the project. We don’t require much time to familiarize ourselves. The project owner benefits from new perspectives and ideas. With our help, it becomes easier to make decisions for or against a project.

Project Management

The project manager is almost as important as the project itself. Good management not only saves time and money but also ensures the project’s success. We provide support during the initial phase of new projects and also carry out project management ourselves. However, this is only within areas that we are familiar with. We can also jump on board ongoing projects and support them with our expertise.