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Revitalize your business - process optimization, project revitalization and expansion. Together we accelerate your growth.

Stagnation in Business Performance

The initial years of massive growth have passed. Eventually, everyday routines settle in for all companies. The growth dwindles. New ideas are needed. But where do they come from?

Process Optimization

Both rapid growth and little staff turnover with external inputs lead to many processes running inefficiently in every company. One becomes operationally blind and starts looking more backward than forward. Here, we provide our extensive experience and quickly identify the necessary areas that require change. It is important to us that efficiency can be increased without compromising quality.

Dormant Projects

Suspended projects represent untapped capital. A lot of effort and resources have been invested only for them to gather dust in a drawer. Yet, the idea is great and holds significant potential. With minimal effort, we identify whether a project can be implemented and can also assist with financing.

New Ideas and Expansion

We love creativity and new ideas. Often, we are invited to help with expansion plans. Our strength lies not only in the financial aspect but also in marketing, implementation, and our versatile network.

What does Acceleration mean?

We aim to help every business regain momentum. Each company has its own dynamics. We help revitalize this dynamism to propel projects forward and release the handbrake. This motivates all employees and fosters teamwork, where everyone is once again challenged to pull together.