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About us

At Doppelplus we are proud to be different. Although we have deep domain expertise in business and banking, you will find our approach to be honest, relaxed and friendly but not at the cost of being extremely structured, expert and competitively driven to succeed on our clients’ behalf. As with any successful company, we are a sum of many parts.

Our ecosystem is made up of employees and a very trusted referential network of highly skilled and successful business partners to ensure our services remain relevant and the most expert depending on our engagement. We are an accredited finanical service company and we are registered in the official Swiss financial advisor list (ID93812). Link Advisor List

Financial Analyst CIIA

Raffaele Carmine

After completing a commercial education in banking, Raffaele Carmine became involved in Private Banking and progressed to Investment Banking. He was promoted to Head of Bond Trading at Director level with one of the larger Swiss banks. While working in this area, he completed a post graduate program in Finance at the Institute of Financial Services Zug (IFZ) earning the qualification of Certified International Financial Analyst (CIIA). He left banking to successfully launch over a dozen start-ups. Since then, he acts as an active angel investor, consultant and entrepreneur.

BSc Value Enginering, ERP Certification

Raimund Buhr

Raimund Buhr is a Business Professional with global experience in a wide range of technologies, this allows for maximising the effective use of technology to gain business benefit in areas like Sales, Marketing, General Management, Business Consulting and Project Management. Having qualified in the Construction Industry he developed project management and turn around management skills with various professional consultancies on projects for Banks and Insurance companies. This opened the door to the ERP side of IT consulting where he became an ERP Projects functional consultant in the Supply Chain environment working for the likes of IBM. Comfortable operating at the highest levels across a range of companies and industries such as Flextronics, Afgri, Invensys, UK Government, JTI etc. with a record of building strong, successful relationships with prime influencers, senior executives and business partners. Sound professional judgement allied to a strong entrepreneurial flair has resulted in delivery of results and high commercial awareness. Good interpersonal, multi-linguistic skills and cultural awareness enables effective business interaction internationally.

Finance and IT experts for effective investment and turnaround management.