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Comprehensive management consulting with focus on management, turnaround consulting and independent financial consulting. Together for your success.

Independent Financial Advise

Following the market crises in the last few years, Doppelplus Consulting offers independent financial advice with our mail goal being Sustainable Wealth Management. Our services are aimed at institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals who expect more from a financial advisory service than the sales pitch of the brilliant sales person. We operate fully independent and dont have any sales related targets.

We will gladly compile a personalised investment profile, which would take into account any future scenarios and would also help with the implementation of this detailed analysis.

Turnaround Consulting

Do you have an internal project which is on the brink of failure? Do you have a division that just does not seem to be able to break into the profit zone? Do you require independent consulting effort to perform a health check on a current project or undertaking? Are you planning a large internal change or restructuring and need professional help to bring this to fruition? Do you have an engagement where a Go/No Go decision must be taken? Sometimes one just can seems to see the wood for the trees and having an external view could highlight the solution. Turnaround Consulting is a very intense engagement in an environment that is usually emotionally charged and stakeholders losing faith in a team’s ability to deliver. This is where we have extensive experience and know-how and will gladly evaluate your project without obligation.