Doppelplus Consulting GmbH is a FINMA accredited financial company

We are accredited by FINMA (Swiss Financial Authority) as a official distributor of collective investment schemes. You find us on the following FINMA Link.

Looking for alternative investment opportunities?

Benefit from our extensive network of contacts in various areas like start-up companies, established businesses and investment vehicles. This allows access possibilities to financing not readily available in the general business sphere. Should you wish to extend your diversified investment portfolio, we are well positioned to help you achieve this goal, whilst taking your individual investment needs into consideration.

Seeking Venture Capital

Whether you are seeking venture capital for your existing business or trying to finance a start-up business / business case, we will happily review your case discreetly and without obligation. We are in contact with various investors (large and small) who might have an appetite to invest in your business.

Non-Bank Financing

Within Doppelplus we are strategically focussed on working with institutional and high net worth (HNW) investors from around the globe. Our structured approach, which has been developed through many years of experience gained within the private investment sector, ensures our stakeholders are able to access exciting and intelligent investment opportunities with an above average return and within a pre-agreed timeframe. We are fast becoming the intelligent choice for strategic investments in Mezzanine Financing (Non-Bank financing), Project Financing and Corporate Financing opportunities such as Structured Bonds and Shares.

Short Term Financing

We have been a trusted business partner for many companies that required access to short term risk capital. Whether you are an entrepreneur that requires capital to clinch a lucrative opportunity or a business owner that needs to re-structure your business to create efficiencies for future growth, we are there to assist. We will partner with you to secure short term financing for your next strategic project regardless of the size. * (*All Financing is secured provided that our basic evaluation criteria are met.)

Due Diligence

We have extensive experience in providing Due Diligence and Project Validation consulting services. These activities have proven to be critical in ensuring that our clients know exactly what the transaction entails and also whether the opportunity is as viable as it appears on paper. At Doppelplus we are able to assist our clients with a variety of professional services including legal, audit, corporate governance and M&A validation consulting. We have experience in assisting our clients within various industry sectors with value-add services such as critical investment advice and being non-executive directors on their corporate boards. We extensively utilise our referential network to find the optimum solution to help you.